From Job Search to Landing Your Dream Job: Part 1 Searching For A Job

Welcome to my first blog post of the series, which will be talking you through the entire process of landing your dream job. Part 1, Searching For A Job. I’m going to work with a few examples here of why you might currently be looking for a job: You’re new in the industry and you […]

November 2022 Graphic Design Industry Weather Report ⛈

It all seems very doom and gloom in the industry right can’t help but notice all the redundancies being announced, the latest two being Twitter and Meta. I’m really sorry to hear about anyone that’s recently happened too, it can be absolutely crushing to be let go. But I’d like to point out some […]

October 2022 Graphic Design Industry Weather Report ⛈

Last week the recruitment market felt pretty tough, we’ve been having a lot of freelance graphic designers getting in touch with us looking for work. For a while freelance designers have been routinely extended and on long term bookings, but it looks like we are starting to see things slow down a bit. We’ve also […]


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