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Compose Your Cover Letter

Are you sick and tired of sending your CV and portfolio out to companies only to hear absolutely nothing back? This guide will help guide you through how to nail your opener and refine your friendly introduction to yourself ie your elevator pitch.

In this guide...

Instant access digital download
How to start a cover letter
How to end a cover letter
How to follow up afterwards
Bootcamp bundle graphic illustration

The Graphic Designers’ Bootcamp Bundle

The Bootcamp Bundle to get you into shape with your job search All the best things happen in 3’s and this bundle of 1 + CV 1 + potfolio and 1+ cover letter guide, gives you the full set to take on your job search, with the hopes of helping you inch one step closer towards job search victory! These guides were created by creatives, for creatives to help you stand out from the crowd.

In this guide...

Instant access digital download
CV guide
Portfolio guide
Cover letter guide
Infinite wisdom
Nail your portfolio illustration

A Fool-Proof Guide to Nailing your Portfolio

Are you ready to level-up your portfolio game? My guide will expose you to behind the scenes tips that go into making awesome portfolios. I’ve been crafting this advice for 8 years, learning from the Creative Directors themselves, so that you can instantly lift your portfolio and smash it today.

In this guide...

Instant access digital download
The first steps
The fundamentals
Key things to keep in mind
Layout examples
Finishing touch and tips from the experts
Going freelance illustration graphic

A Fool-Proof Guide to Going Freelance

3, 2, 1 – freelance! You’re only a few clicks away from starting your freelance journey… Are you in? Working in recruitment since 2011 means I’ve got plenty of experience, including going freelance myself, along with helping many other freelancers find their dream job. But now I’m here to give you a hand as you step into the arena of self-employment.

In this guide...

Instant access digital download
What to do before you set up shop
Getting started (biz names, anyone?)
Sole Trader, Ltd Company or Umbrella Company?
Now you’re a company? Getting registered
The deal on IR35
Branding and getting your domain set up
Business banking and accounting
Business planning and new business outreach
Setting your rates and invoicing
Taking care of yourself (equally important)
Juicy Industry Leader advice
Craft your CV illustration graphic

A Fool-Proof Guide to Crafting your CV

Your Sidekick, but Better. You’re about to discover a carefully curated guide that will walk you through the ins and outs of the perfect CV. I’ve been working in creative recruitment since 2012, which means I have tonnes of great advice and tips from my experience working directly with the brands that are looking to hire you. Now that I’ve done the hard work, you can put the spotlight on your strengths and truly shine.

In this guide...

Instant access digital download
The First Steps
Anatomy of a CV
Layout Examples
Finishing Touch Tips

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